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Video 2011-09-13 17:32:37 2011-09-13 23:55:12

Linkin Park


United Kingdom - Sheffield
Sheffield Arena


No More Sorrow [2 Cam, Original Footage]
Don\'t Stay [HQ YouTube]
Somewhere I Belong [Missing]
Wake [Original Footage]
Given Up [Original Footage]
Lying From You [Cut, Original Footage]
Papercut [HQ YouTube]
Points Of Authority [Cut, Original Footage]
Leave Out All The Rest [Original Footage]
Numb [2 Cam,Cut,Original & HQ]
The Little Things Give You Away [HQ YouTube]
Shadow Of The Day [Original Files]
Breaking The Habit [2 Cam, Original Footage]
Valentine\'s Day [2 Cam, Cut]
Crawling [2 Cam]
In The End [Original Files]
Bleed It Out [2 cam, Cut, Original Footage]
What Ive Done [Cut, HQ YouTube]
Pushing Me Away [2 Cam, Cut, Original Footage]
One Step Closer [Missing]
Faint [Missing]


61.00 min
1x DVD


Notes from the maker:
I contacted a few people at YouTube, and they kindly sent me their original cam footage, which i used on this project, i added sbd audio, so it sounds killer.
Now, its all digicam footage, but, the original files i have, dont add up to much, length wise, so i downloaded some HQ vids from YouTube, to bulk up this dvd, so now the running time is an hour.
Certain songs are 2 cam mixes, as why not? i had 2 sets of footage, so used the fuckers!!!
The HQ footage isnt the best, this dvd isnt the best, but its the only source of Sheffield i know of, and it\'ll have to do, i have seen FAR WORSE dvds released.
Hopefully people will enjoy this show, it was an amazing night!