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Staind2001-08-26United Kingdom, Reading - Main Stage Reading Festival8.00 min8/10PRODVDVHS 2View
Staind2000-04-08United States, New York, NY - Carle Place 7.00 min7/10AUDDVDVHS 1InstoreView
Staind1999-05-09United States, Worcester, MA WAAF TV6.00 min7/10AUDDVDVHSView
Staind1999-10-12United States, KC - Kemper Arena MTV Family Values Tour10.00 min8/10PRODVDVHSView
Staind2000-12-08United States, Worcester, MA WAAF TV "3 Day Holiday Rage"15.00 min8/10PRODVDVHSView
Staind2001-07-24United States, Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory HBO Reverb35.00 min8/10PRODVDVHSView
Staind2000-04-08United States, Uniondale, NY View
Staind2001-08-20Germany, Hamburg - Gr√ľnspan PRODVDView
Staind1999-08-22United States, St Paul, MN - Roy Wilkins Auditorium 35.00 minAUDDVD2cam + SBDView
Staind2003-11-29United States, Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance AUDDVDView
Staind2005-00-00United States 7th Avenue DropPRODVDView
Staind2001-04-27United States, Miami, FL Zetas Bonzai Show40.00 minAUDDVDView
Staind1999-05-05United States, New York, NY - Irving Plaza 22.00 min5/10AUDDVDView
Staind2003-05-21United States Jay LenoView
Staind2001-06-23United States, Irvine, CA Kroq Weenie Roast45.00 min6/10AUDDVDViewRT
Staind2000-06-18United States, Minneapolis, MN AUDDVDView
Staind2009-04-11United States, Fort Myers, FL AUDDVDView
Staind2008-07-23United States, Portland, ME AUDDVDViewRT
Staind2011-10-17Germany, Koln PROView
Staind1999-05-29United States, Somerset, WI Ozzfest12.00 minAUDDVDView
Staind2001-11-02United States, Sunrise, FL - Nationale Car Rental Center 60.00 minAUDDVDView
Staind1999-04-19United States, New York, NY - Irving Plaza 36.00 min3/10AUDDVDView
Staind2003-06-13United States, Los Angeles, CA Jimmy KimmelView
Staind2014-05-24United States, Pryor, OK - Main Stage Rocklahoma Festival59.00 min6/10AUDHD MASTERViewRT
Staind2000-04-18United States, St Louis, MO - Kiel Center 41.00 min7/10AUDDVDView
Staind2011-05-21United States, Columbus, OH Rock On The RangeAUDDVDSource 1ViewRT
Staind2000-05-28United States, Landover, MD 50.00 min6/10AUDDVDView
Staind1999-10-22United States, Pheonix, AZ AUDDVDView
Staind2006-08-13United States, Council Bluffs, IA 90.00 minAUDDVDView
Staind1999-07-12United States, St Paul, MN - Roy Wilkins Auditorium Dysfunction Tour34.00 min7/10AUDDVDView
Staind2001-09-06United States, New York, NY MTV VMAView
Staind2001-05-12United States, Hartford, CT - Meadows Music Centre AUDDVDView
Staind2001-02-26United States, Durham, NH AUDDVDView
Staind2005-08-11United States, New York, NY Pepsi SmashPRODVDView
Staind2001-02-27United States, Portland, ME AUDDVDView
Staind2012-09-02United States, Bristow, VA - Jiffy Lube Live 50.00 minAUDDVDView
Staind1999-08-31United States, Pontiac, MI - Clutch Cargos 40.00 min7/10AUDDVDView
Staind2003-10-11United States, New York, NY Conan O'BrienView
Staind2001-07-16United States, New York, NY - MTV Studios PRODVDViewNFT
Staind2001-04-03United States, Peoria, IL AUDDVDView
Staind1999-10-02United States, Uniondale, NY - Nassau Coliseum Family Values Tour30.00 min7/10AUDDVDView
Staind2001-03-04United States, Amhearst, MA AUDDVDView
Staind1999-00-00United States, Providence, RI WAAF TVView
Staind2003-12-17United States Craig KillbornView
Staind2012-09-16United States, Dallas, TX - Gexa Pavillion Uproar Festival50.00 minAUDHD MASTERViewRT
Staind2001-04-27United States, Miami, FL - Bayfront Park Amphitheatre Zeta's Bonzai35.00 min7/10AUDDVDView
Staind2001-10-27United States, Worcester, MA AUDDVDView
Staind1999-03-19United States, Detroit, MI - State Theater HBO Reverb14.00 min8/10PRODVDView
Staind2009-07-01United States, Peoria, IL - Civic Center AUDDVDView
Staind2000-04-21United States, Minneapolis, MN AUDDVDView
Staind2001-04-15United States, Rochester, NY AUDDVDView
Staind2005-10-00United States Music ChoiceView
Staind2003-00-00Japan Interview10.00 min8/10PRODVDView
Staind2003-07-09United States, Orlando, FL Hardrock Live!PRODVDView
Staind2008-12-13United States, Universal City, CA - Universal Amphitheatre Kroq Almost AcousticPRODVDView
Staind2000-12-02United States, Worcester, MA AUDDVDView
Staind2001-08-15United States, Cleveland, OH Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame21.00 minPRODVDView
Staind2005-11-14United States, Los Angeles, CA Jimmy KimmelView
Staind1999-08-24United States, New York, NY - The Roxy 42.00 minAUDDVDView
Staind2003-11-18United States, St Paul, MN - Roy Wilkens Auditorium AUDDVDView
Staind1999-09-19United States, Worcester, MA LocabazookaPRODVDView
Staind2000-04-01United States, East Rutherford, NJ - Continental Arena 35.00 min3/10AUDDVDView
Staind2001-10-20United States, Toronto, ON AUDDVDView
Staind1999-06-25United States, San Diego, CA - Cox Arena 33.00 min6/10AUDDVDView
Staind2009-02-08Netherlands, Tilburg - 013 17.00 min7/10AUDDVDView
Staind2003-00-00United States Pepsi Smash13.00 min8/10PRODVDView
Staind2001-10-28United States, Buffalo, NY AUDDVDView
Staind1999-10-10United States, St Louis, MO - Kiel Center Family Values Tour30.00 min7/10AUDDVDView
Staind2001-07-25United States, Ashbury Park, NJ - Convention Hall View
Staind2004-02-08United States, Dekalb, IL - University of Illinois AUDDVDView
Staind1999-10-22United States, Pheonix, AZ 30.00 minAUDDVDView
Staind1999-09-19United States, Worcester, MA - Green Hill Park 30.00 min6/10AUDDVDView
Staind2001-10-27United States, Worcester, MA 48.00 minAUDDVDView
Staind1999-03-24United States, New York, NY AUDDVDView
Staind2001-08-18Germany, Weeze Bizarre FestivalPRODVDView
Staind1999-07-22United States, New York, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom 35.00 min2/10AUDDVDView
Staind2004-02-10Canada, Toronto, ON - Air Canada Centre AUDDVDView
Staind2012-09-07United States, Clarkston, MI - Pavillion Uproar Festival50.00 minAUDDVDView
Staind2000-03-30United States, Worcester, MA AUDDVDView