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Serbia - Various


Chapter 1
2003.02.23 Belgrade, Hala sportova
01 Downstroy
02 Seek and strike
03 Roots Bloody Roots
This is semi pro recordings of first 3 songs.
I changed original sound to better one from audience bootleg and sound from B92 tv footage (SDB).
I also do some editing and put some footage from 3K and b92 TV.
You can see all 3 songs on this you tube link:
No sign of tv, but probably this is footage of Metropolis TV.
Transfered from 1 gen VHS tape.

Chapter 2
Interviews from 3K, B92 & IMB tv stations with Max. All 3 is from 23.02.2003.
B92 interviview is on portugal. Al 3 got serbian title.

Chapter 3
2003.11.07 Belgrade, SKC
Max playing with serbian reggae metal bend Eyesburn (mostly Soulfly songs plus Sepultura plus
one song from Bob Marley and one from Eyesburn).
Main part is interview with Max, but there is also some live footage.
Max talking about colobration with serbian musicians (you can hear that songs on Soulfly "Prophecy"

Chapter 4
2004.07.02 Novi Sad, Exit fest
01 Prophecy
02 Seek & Strike
03 Roots Bloody Roots
04 Jumpdafuck/Bring It


52.00 min
1x DVD


Compilation of PRO SHOT recordings from Serbia
2003.02.23 Belgrade, Hala Sportova
2003.11.07 Max Cavalera jamming with Eyesburn, SKC
2004.07.02 Novi Sad, Exit fest, Petrovaradin
+ interviews from 3 serbian tv stations (all from 23.02.2003 gig)