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Germany - Hamburg


91.00 min
1x DVD
There`s a little Story behind these DVD:

Disturbed played two Nights in Hamburg and I went to both concerts.

I recorded both days (including the Opening Act Shinedown) as Audio.

I also tried to film both Nights completely and that is where the Story begins.

On the first Night they had opened the Balcony and I tried to film from there.

At the last few concerts in Hamburg I attended the Security always looked for filmers

and even told some people who made Handy-Videos not to film.

So it was again that day. I managed to film the first five Songs, but in the middle

of Indestructible one Security guy told me stop filming and took my cam away.

I got the cam back before the encore of Disturbed began and I saw that they deleted

everything I filmed before.

But I got my cam back, so I decided to film again and the result was that I could

film the complete encore, but unfortunately that`s all I got from the first day.

On the second Night they did not open the Balcony, so I tried to film from another place

then the day before. At the beginning I had no problems with filming, but after

Liberate a guy with a professional camera came to me and told me to stop filming, because

the concert will be filmed to release it as Bonus Material for an upcoming release.

That guy stand right next to me for the next few Songs, so I didn`t had a chance to film.

After he left I tried to film again, but some guy in front of me fell off and

showered his beer over my cam. I tried to get my cam dry as soon as possible, but it was

wet for a few Minutes, so the Parts I filmed from Land of Confusion and the Beginning of

Remember are a bit blurry when I zoomed.

The next few Songs I could film without any great problems, but then in the middle of

Divide a Security guy saw and and told me to stop filming but he didn`t took my cam


That Security guy looked at me the next few Songs, so I could not film them. But I got the

idea, that I could make a mixed DVD of both days to get an almost complete Set.

So I changed my SD-Card of the Camera to made sure that no one could delete the Songs

I filmed yet and started to film again when The Game began. I managed to get the whole

Song, but a few seconds after that Song the Security guy I mentioned before saw me

filming again, so he came to me and told to put the camera away or to leave the concert.

All in all this is not the best DVD recording I made, but under the circumstances it

was made I got a recording of an almost full set of Video and the complete Set is

available in Audio on this DVD. I put every Song on the DVD that Disturbed played on

these two Nights, it was almost the same Setlist, but on the first Night they didn`t play



Also includes the show from the next day.