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Hardcore/Metalcore/Punk Bands:
Hatebreed / No Turning Back / Redemption Denied / Trash Talk / A Day To Remember / Killswitch Engage / Parkway Drive / New Found Glory / The Story So Far / Brand New

Nu-Metal Bands:
Adema / Alien Ant Farm / Coal Chamber / Drowning Pool / Flaw / Hed Pe / Ill Nino / Nonpoint / P.O.D / Papa Roach / Spineshank / Static-x / Taproot

Belgian Bands:
Amenra / Hessian / Morda / Oathbreaker / Rise&Fall / Steak Number Eight

French Bands:
Aqme / Eths / Mass Hysteria / Pleymo

These are just examples of bands I will take shows from no doubt. Otherwise there's a lot of bands I will trade for too considering the circumstances. I discover new bands each day so feel free to contact me any time and i'll look through your list, especially if you are a filmer. Thanks!